Tegus Services connects investors directly with industry experts

Thorough, quality information helps make the best decisions. Through Tegus Services, we connect buy-side investors with custom-sourced experts at a transparent and fair price.

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Unlimited Expert Calls at Cost

With our innovative business model, we can offer unlimited expert calls at only the expert's cost and a $75 transcription fee. Without the traditional markup, you can do all the calls you need to make a decision with conviction.

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Quality Guarantee

Tegus offers the same caliber experts and white glove service, at a transparent and fair price. We guarantee the quality of our service, and will refund you if a call is not valuable.

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Custom Recruitment.

Unlike other connection services, we custom-source experts for every unique project. We pre-screen experts based on customer-specific screening questions to ensure they have the expertise you need and can answer your specific questions.

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Ease and Convenience

Since we transcribe every call, you can focus on the conversation - no need to take notes.  We make it easy to share what you learned with your team, and submit specific content covered to your compliance.

"Tegus has fundamentally changed the way we invest. In our last expert network relationship, we did about 20 calls per year due to high costs and hit or miss experts. With Tegus, we do roughly 15x our previous usage due to the dramatic call savings and excellent expert quality."

Thomas McGannon

"The Tegus team is responsive and knowledgeable, providing top-notch experts quickly and easily. They are fantastic."

Dan Heck
OpenView Partners

"Tegus saves me >$200,000 per year compared to what it would have cost to do those calls with a competitor service."

Wang Liao

"I’ve been on VIC a long time and Tegus is the same idea - it’s give a little, get a lot - I see it as a win/win for everybody."

Campbell Wilson

"I receive dozens of messages asking for consultations from people at Guidepoint, GLG, etc., but I ignore all of them, aside from Tegus. You guys are really easy to work with and it is a painless process that respects my time and I appreciate that."

Former CMO & SVP of Marketing

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