Make better investment decisions

Investors need complete information before they make a decision. With Tegus, leave no stone unturned and access all the qualitative data points you need to make a decision with conviction.

  • Over 20,000+ instantly-available call transcripts
  • More than 900+ new transcripts per month
  • Smart keyword search and instant notifications
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Accelerate the primary research process

With instant access to thousands of investor-led expert call transcripts, get the qualitative insights you need, without the hassle. Spend time analyzing and pressure testing ideas, not scheduling calls.

  • Make faster decisions with higher conviction
  • Access >3x the expert insights in half the time
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Generate better investment ideas

Instantly available, proprietary primary research to help uncover investment opportunities and actionable ideas. Our platform helps you discover new investment ideas with perspectives from former executives, competitors, customers, partners, and more.

  • Learn from other investors in our knowledge ecosystem
  • Access unbiased information, without the spin
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"We have worked with almost every data service - Tegus is by far the strongest investment research resource we have, no question."

Nate Singer
Managing Partner, Mission Holdings

"It takes me roughly 3 hours to go through the entire process of a 1on1 expert call with reaching out to my account manager, picking experts, scheduling, coming up with question lists, and going through an hour call. Tegus gets me this same information in 20 minutes."

Alex Wolf
Managing Director, IGSB

"Tegus acts as a multiplier to our research. The service team finds exceptional experts. And the platform of transcripts is incredible differentiated value."

Sanjay Venkat
Managing Partner, Jeneq

"Tegus saves me 10-15 hours per week to get through the same amount of primary research. I can spend those hours looking at new ideas."

Wang Liao

"If we’re going to own a stock, we need to know it inside and out. Tegus gives us more data points to get to a higher conviction of where we want to put our money."

Campbell Wilson

Compliance Details

Tegus has robust compliance procedures so customers can trust that content is safe to view

Several compliance checks occur before transcripts are uploaded to the Tegus Platform

Removal of identifying information
  • Customer and expert identifying information is removed

Rigorous compliance checks
  • Tegus compliance reviews to ensure no material non-public information was shared
  • Transcripts are automatically triggered for secondary review based on internal risk policies

Editing for clarity and concision
  • Quality control to ensure content is relevant and comprehensible

Where needed, we empower customers to implement custom compliance procedures

Customer compliance departments may restrict access to the database to comply with firm-specific compliance procedures
Restrictions may be based on:
  • Excluding selected tickers
  • Excluding transcripts involving current public company employees
  • Restricting transcripts based on recency of expert employment at the target company

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